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About the Book

Creation begins with stillness on the brink of movement.

“MOVED TO CREATE” guides you through a simple—and powerful—system to consciously move energy and create the change you want. It engages all the elements of your body, mind and spirit, to move you into your best life, work and relationships. The beauty of this system is you can use it over and over to meet the challenges of constant life changes.

About the Author


Julie Delene reveals the passion and vitality within to renew and unify, reach new clarity and focus, and create positive changes in your life, work, and relationships. She works with individuals, couples, teams and organizations.

For over 25 years, Julie has been helping people manifest their visions. She guides using her  MOVES™ process. MOVES™ is a powerful method that engages you in body, mind, spirit, while moving you through the five cycles of creating.

Julie is the author of “MOVED TO CREATE” and founder of Move As One, LLC. She is also a certified program leader for Best Year Yet™, Miracle of the Breath™, Wind & Water Feng Shui, and a professional ballroom dance teacher.

If you’re ready to make a change or struggling to meet your goals, Julie can help make the process of change healthy, productive, and astoundingly effective. For more information, please check

A note from the author:

Many of us do not realize how powerful we are, that we are in fact, always creating. Often we forget and get mired down by old systems, routines, structures, thoughts, emotions and paradigms that do not empower.

It is with great joy that I help people re-inspire their creative self and find answers that are in alignment with their whole being. When you do, you feel beautifully integrated, purposefully flowing, and alive with energy and vitality.

The truth is we are always re-creating, so begin now to move your life. I promise you will experience great blessings, much joy and clarity, and a delight in your creative spirit.

Best, Julie