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5 Qualities to Inspire Leadership

5 Qualities to Inspire Leadership include: 1) Embodied Equipoise inspires Presence – Be present, know your wholeself, balance energy effectively 2) Compassionate Emptiness inspires Passion – Release conflict, listen, open your heart, receive, explore 3) Wise Attention inspires Purpose – Clarify direction, make decisions, align with values […]

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Wise Women Unite

Dear friends, I believe the Dalai Lama when he said, “the world will be saved by the western woman” . . . and I wish to do my part! I am grateful to launch Wise Women Unite events – a new way to solve problems and master-mind […]

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Launch of Brainsweep Radio

Dear friends, Today begins the launch of a NEW radio program. We are so excited to share! Our on-line BSW RADIO with programming focused on the issues, impact and mitigation of trauma, stress, and PTSD. Please tune-in to learn how to do Brainsweep and hear numerous life […]

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Wake up your brain

What happens when you wake up your brain? You feel peaceful presence. You notice the world differently. You gain insights that answer your concerns. You are less interested in distraction and addictions. You easily see when mind-stories mesmerize and don’t empower. You clearly align with your purpose. […]

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Remove blocks, Rise to Meet What’s Next

Remove blocks, rise to meet what’s next. For many of us, the normal way of engaging is met with resistance. Old systems are falling apart and confusion is pulling us in many directions. Stress has become all too common. When we lose our rhythm, our responses may […]

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Feeling frustrated? ecoCreate from within

Feeling frustrated? ecoCreate from within. Turn to nature as your resource for balanced wisdom. Each of us is a living, breathing and walking eco-system. When you ecoCreate, you move in rhythm with your natural eco-system. When you nourish your inner eco-system, you balance the brain and vice […]

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Let’s Eco-Create – help wake up our greater potential

Let’s Eco-Create – Help wake up our greater potential What does Eco-Create mean? Eco-creating means we include, ignite and co-create with all elements for our greater good in our eco-systems. We can eco-create our businesses, our organizations and our communities for greater potential. Many of us have […]

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Are you a pollinator? Please join me

Pollinators are fertilizers, inoculating life force to nourish and enrich. Their purpose is to cultivate thriving eco-systems. Without them, humans and wildlife wouldn’t survive. I believe we all have a part to play in developing healthy eco-systems. And I question, are annoying little bugs also pollinators? Certainly […]

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Mindful Leading – a quick way to cool the fire of chaos

Mindful Leading – a quick way to cool the fire of chaos… Lately, I have felt the impermanence of life for many reasons including the pervasive unrest in our world. I decided to take the month of July to focus on “Loving Kindness” each morning and night. […]

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Are you ready for a change in 2016?

Are you ready for a change? What is motivating you? Do you feel inspired and clear about your direction? Or do you feel stress and pressure? The question is how can you lead with more ease? In ballroom dance, the “dance” does not happen when it is […]

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