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Fourth of 5 Mindful Moves and GAME NIGHT

Fourth of 5 Mindful Moves – #4 Engage co-creation – take action and connect with others. Inspired actions are stimulated after clarifying your Vision (the 3rd mindful move). This 4th mindful move offers peak power, more expansion and synergy with others. It brings light, joy, action and […]

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Mindful Leading – Leading With Ease

Leading With Ease – What is motivating you? Do you feel inspired and clear about your direction? Or do you feel stress and pressure? Motivations reflect your current thoughts and emotions. They stimulate your actions and movements. The question is how can you lead most effectively? Obviously, […]

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Third of 5 Mindful Moves

Third of 5 Mindful Moves™ – #3 Visualize what is emerging – clarify your insights and envision the future. This 3rd mindful move offers a new beginning by initiating and directing clear, upward growth. Tips: • Imagine the future, listen with your heart and clarify your insights. […]

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Mindful Leading – Step back to move forward

Step Back To Move Forward – sometimes you have to step back in order to move forward. This is especially true when things are not moving as well as you’d like. Often it is best to pause, take stock of where you are and reconnect from the […]

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Second of 5 Mindful Moves

Second of 5 Mindful Moves – #2 Open your body, mind and heart – release resistance, broaden perspective and expand creativity. This 2nd mindful move brings inspiration and renewal of creative energy by connecting with the formless and opening to the flow of life. Tips: • Explore […]

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Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves

Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves In practicing the first of the 5 Mindful Moves – Map where I am, I observe where my mind is primarily focused. When meditating, I become present to my mind’s current state. As I do, it begins to release. This […]

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First of 5 Mindful Moves

This year I’d like to make it simple, fun and possible for you to create what you/we truly desire. How? …by using the 5 Mindful Moves™. Begin with cycle 1: Map where you are – observe and reflect in this moment. This first “mindful move” reveals wisdom […]

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Holidays – a time to touch space

Did you know that over 95% of our world is space? Isn’t it interesting that we primarily focus on only 5% of the world of matter, all day long? We react to it, we try to control it, we study it, we demand things of it, we […]

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Finding your center

In partner dance it is important for each dancer to be grounded in their own centers before joining. There are three centers we refer to in dance – 1) abdomen, 2) heart and 3) forehead. Heart center is most important. Then, when you join with your partner, your […]

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Flip, Float, Flow

Flip, Float, Flow This summer I was back in my hometown for a reunion with my high school girlfriends. Our small town of 10,000 people in Port Washington, Wisconsin is beautifully located on Lake Michigan. As we shared our current lives, one friend reported a story of […]

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