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What is a key ingredient to success?

Simply, your heart. What lights your fire and inspires you? What speaks to your heart? I guarantee when you use this for inspiration, you will receive new thoughts and energy to move your intended creations forward. Here’s a recent, personal story. This past week my family met […]

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Leading from Source – or is it being?

Walking along the bluffs of the Mississippi river, Thor, Michael, Myron and myself shared our stories about how we arrived to this moment. After clearing our thoughts, we sat in circle. We listened together in the beautiful retreat center at Schaars bluff. We discussed our experiences with […]

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Listening to nature – where’s the balance?

I have found nature to be a great source of inspiration. So where is it now? Knowing nature helps us understand balance, I’m exploring the question, where am I out of balance? What thoughts and emotions is this winter triggering within me? What thoughts and emotions is […]

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Engage your intentions and build momentum

We are fully into the new year, so hopefully you have identified your intentions for the year. Once you have clarity, building momentum is another key ingredient in the co-creative process. This is the “Engage” and 4th phase of the MOVES™ process. To help build momentum, following […]

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Move As One to achieve goals

What does that mean? More simply, I can tell you how it feels. You feel good! – in your thoughts, your body, and your emotions. You feel excited about achieving your goal, your heart is inspired and happy, and your body is light. Or you may feel relaxed, […]

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Consciousness of connection

For Thanksgiving my daughter and son-in-law took us all to the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. It was a wonderful gift and an extraordinary production! What struck me during our time together was how this music connected our hearts, and at the same […]

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Dancing Makes You Smarter!

It’s true, and substantiated now by a study from Stanford. A 21-year study of senior citizens, led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. They studied cognitive activities such as reading books, writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing cards and musical instruments. And physical activities like […]

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Your Emerging Future


What if you could release thoughts, patterns, habits that keep you stuck? What if you really listened to your heart? What if you could align with your potential future and feel peace? Many of our movements in life are based on our habits, our past thoughts, and […]

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Coming Soon!

We have just launched Moved To Create, and a new blog will be here soon! cheap and easy essay writing service

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JustBuyEssay – Reliable Supply of Written Assignments for Ideal Results

Students nowadays are busier than ever, so contemplate this evaluate when seeking a creating support that may make your daily life less difficult. How It Works One in the most appealing facets of JustBuyEssay will be the reality that it really is so easy to use. In […]

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