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Second of 5 Mindful Moves

Second of 5 Mindful Moves – #2 Open your body, mind and heart – release resistance, broaden perspective and expand creativity. This 2nd mindful move brings inspiration and renewal of creative energy by connecting with the formless and opening to the flow of life. Tips: • Explore […]

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Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves

Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves In practicing the first of the 5 Mindful Moves – Map where I am, I observe where my mind is primarily focused. When meditating, I become present to my mind’s current state. As I do, it begins to release. This […]

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First of 5 Mindful Moves

This year I’d like to make it simple, fun and possible for you to create what you/we truly desire. How? …by using the 5 Mindful Moves™. Begin with cycle 1: Map where you are – observe and reflect in this moment. This first “mindful move” reveals wisdom […]

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Holidays – a time to touch space

Did you know that over 95% of our world is space? Isn’t it interesting that we primarily focus on only 5% of the world of matter, all day long? We react to it, we try to control it, we study it, we demand things of it, we […]

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Finding your center

In partner dance it is important for each dancer to be grounded in their own centers before joining. There are three centers we refer to in dance – 1) abdomen, 2) heart and 3) forehead. Heart center is most important. Then, when you join with your partner, your […]

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Flip, Float, Flow

Flip, Float, Flow This summer I was back in my hometown for a reunion with my high school girlfriends. Our small town of 10,000 people in Port Washington, Wisconsin is beautifully located on Lake Michigan. As we shared our current lives, one friend reported a story of […]

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Letting things move…

In my Feng Shui studies, I am instructed to prepare myself before a consultation by repeating the Heart Sutra 9 times. As I drive to someone’s home or office, I recite this mantra: Gate Gate Para Gate Parsam Gate Bodhi Svaha. I understand the translation to mean “going, […]

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Working toward wholeness…

Last week I was waiting for inspiration about what to write for my June newsletter. I had many ideas come and go, lots of good topics, but nothing that kept my interest. I felt I’d just be writing words and continued to feel unclear. I felt agitated […]

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What is a key ingredient to success?

Simply, your heart. What lights your fire and inspires you? What speaks to your heart? I guarantee when you use this for inspiration, you will receive new thoughts and energy to move your intended creations forward. Here’s a recent, personal story. This past week my family met […]

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Leading from Source – or is it being?

Walking along the bluffs of the Mississippi river, Thor, Michael, Myron and myself shared our stories about how we arrived to this moment. After clearing our thoughts, we sat in circle. We listened together in the beautiful retreat center at Schaars bluff. We discussed our experiences with […]

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