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Couple Connection

dancersDo you wish your life could be more exciting? 

Practice “moving as one” and ignite more joy

Engage this new way to play together and inspire more joy and vitality. Learn new tools to understand yourself and each other, reduce stress and renew your passion, engage a dynamic conversation, improve your partnering skills, clarify a shared direction, and have fun!

Using the Mindful Moves game, reflective activities and partner dance, you can enhance your relationship.

Research shows partner dance improves brain function by 76%. As you practice moving as one, you relax into your natural rhythm and experience the “art of connection”.

As a professional ballroom dance instructor, Julie Delene has experienced the many jewels of partner dance.

Together, we practice:

  • Presence – being present
  • Passion – putting heart emotion into motion
  • Purpose – gaining clarity in direction
  • Partnership – playing with partnering skills

Learn how this personal and practical program of transformation can help you move into your best life together. Private sessions or group workshops are available.

When you’re living your best life, you feel like you’re dancing with the stars: beautifully integrated, purposefully flowing, and alive with energy and vitality.

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Move As One founder Julie Delene has created an experiential program that truly resonates with couples, to co-create a new dance of interconnection.

Julie’s dance experience includes American smooth and rhythm and International standard and latin. As a competitive dancer, she has received multiple 1st place awards in silver level competitions.

Previously, she ran and operated a successful dance business and creative arts studio, Slippers, in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. In its first year of business (2004), Slippers was nominated for Wisconsin’s Main Street Business of the Year.

Dancing is a beautiful metaphor for the richness of meditation. More than an exercise to focus the mind, it is a transformational journey inward, a means to know ourselves and refine our way of being. Like removing kinks from a hose, it propels us to overcome our resistances so the best in us can flow.  

—Lawrence Levy, “Let’s Dance”

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